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A little story of why this list of various no-code tools and resources for entrepreneurs, small businesses and side hustlers come to be.


It all down to my Mother and Wife really.


They have a vision of selling their crafts to other people but the stumbling block is always the tools they need to accomplish this. Build a website, social media images etc.


That's where Jumpstrt comes in...I hope the list provides simple solutions for people to get their creations online and making money. Think forms, drag and drop builders... etc etc.


The above logic is literally applied to ALL tools added to the Jumpstrt list. I want to keep things simple.


Affiliate Disclosure


Some of the tools have affiliate programs.


I help to pay for hosting charges etc through the 'Visit Site' buttons throughout Jumpstrt. Each time you make a purchase through those, we may recieve a small commission. You are NOT charged anything extra to do this and you help support Jumpstrt.


The earnings I receive in affiliate income allows me to improve user experience. I look at it as a win-win and I hope you do too.


Your support is always greatly appreciated :)